Osprey XT

Advanced Industrial Vehicle Headlamp Aiming and Testing System

The Osprey XT is our robust and versatile industrial headlamp aimer utilizing advanced software and hardware. It has several built-in aim algorithms and can interface to a variety of external components (PLC, screwdrivers, etc).

In addition to the built-in aim algorithms, a software interface is provided that allows you to create custom aim algorithms. This guarantees that every lamp is aligned exactly to your specifications. Or, if you prefer, you can provide alignment details to Dajac and we will create the custom aim algorithm for you.

Here are a few of the Osprey XT Headlamp Alignment System's many features:

  • Aim any arbitrary beam pattern, including, but not limited to European, Japanese, and American automobile headlamps.

  • Advanced image capture hardware utilizing a high resolution USB 2.0 color camera. This provides crisp color images with only a single connection to the aim head.

  • Photo points that allow measuring the intensity and color content at any number of locations within the image.

  • Advanced IntelliAim software that provides simple control and configuration.

  • Designed for automated automobile headight aiming or testing. The Osprey XT is ideal for headlamp and vehicle manufacturers. It is also perfect for lighting labs looking for a quick and easy way to grab beam pattern images for measurement and certification purposes.


IntelliAim Main Screen
IntelliAim is the PC application used to control and configure the headlight aimer. It allows you to adjust aim algorithm parameters, set tolerances and interface to external manufacture/assembly devices such as electric screwdrivers, switches, sensors, PLC's, etc.

Using IntelliAim, it is simple to control and configure the Osprey XT.

During operation, IntelliAim shows a live image of the light beam pattern as well as the lamp's brightness and current aim location. The image always fills the window, regardless of the window's size. This makes it very easy for the operator to monitor the aiming process.

Our fully functional demo allows you to see the IntelliAim software in operation by virtualizing the hardware (aim head, screwdrivers, etc.) and can be obtained under "More Information" in the right-hand column of this page. In addition to the demo, a variety of supporting documentation describing all the Osprey XT features in detail is also provided.

Osprey XT Vehicle Headlamp Aiming System

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